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    House Improvements in Watford

    House Extensions

    Dreaming a modern celebrity style of your house ?

      Yes, greet to its possibility! A proper designed, comfortable and modern standards of construction is one’s dream, while house extensions upgrade the value of the house. Especially if you are the landowner or the tenant, you must be seeking a flexible and tailored approach to make your residence and property more valuable. House extensions add up the value of the property and transform it into a new designed based house by using cutting edge technology. Various types of house extensions are not far more than a blink of an eye as DSB Construction offers a wide range of house extensions. Whether you want open space for your kitchen, or a large space for garage up-to matching the modern standard way of living residents. It’s all possible now and surprisingly within the limits of your budget.

    Under the supervision of our professionals, we make your dream come true by extending the area of your house according to the client’s demands. We offer best all kinds of house extensions, including kitchen extension, garage extension, single storey extension, double storey extension, side extension, and many more. People cope such difficulty especially if they own an old constructed house/building when the natives were used to adopt a different way of living. Although, the living standard has been growing more trendy and modish with the advancement of technology that the inhabitants are more inclined towards establishing their lifestyle by maintaining a perfect sumptuous and opulent residence(house). DSB Construction authorizes to make your dream come true instantly by providing all accessories and essentials to convert your house up-to-grade.


    • Kitchen Extension:

    Being the basic need of a house, kitchen gets the more attention rather than other parts of the house. If you own a small kitchen or the separate one as it considers outdated now, then we will widen your narrow kitchen by taking some space from the garden. Thoroughly, it will be exceeded and open spaced but without stealing the major part of your garden as we understand it may descend the value of your property. So, DSB Construction is renowned for its perfect measurement while completing the task or adding the extension properly. And if your kitchen is narrower and separate, then you need to make it wide and open-ended updated to the developed modern kitchens attached along with dinning room or living room.

    We provide trained architects to apply the cutting edge technology to design your kitchen according to the demands. It will increase the area of the kitchen by taking some part of the garden and by removing the wall between the kitchen and living room. It gives enough space and more than this, it will help in increasing the value of your property.


    • Garage extension:

    Garages are usually used to keep the tools and cars in them to protect them from damages. But, a small garage can simply ruin the beauty of the exterior of your building, principally if you own two cars but you confront the difficulty in parking them resulting of insufficient space in your garage.

    Outside the house, car parking seems insecure and it too becomes a major issue for you. Concerning this case, you need to larger your garage along with proper scaling. While choosing the unprofessional can also damage the structure of your building. Garage is one of the spaces used for the ornament of your house as it can shatter the exterior of your precious building. It projects into a long taking decision how to choose a trustworthy architect for house extension.

    DSB Construction ensures the idea and the protection of the spectacular view of the building’s exterior and takes steps professionally while taking measurement of the space in order to extend your garage area. While keeping view the value of your property, we prefer to take the portion from garden and building as much as it is required by securing planning permission. Chiefly, we offer this splendid project within your expenses, without disturbing your budget. As our team believes in quality rather than quantity.


    • Single/double storey rear extension:


    Double storey extension is useful to add up the value of your house as it makes the value of the house more competitive in the market. The extension expands the living space to provide a wider space both downstairs and upstairs as compared to single storey extension. However, it gives a classy and fashionable look to your residence and more than this, it leaves enough space to adjust another bedroom or the living room. Although, single storey extension is more simpler than double storey extension , as single storey extension can be built onto the part of the home along the adjoining of one or more parts of extension with the property. Rather than expensive rates, single storey extension proves to be cheaper as it needs less substantial. While before taking final decision, we always recommend to meet up our professionals and trustworthy constructors in order to discuss all pros and cons of your project regarding house extension services. DSB Construction provides you its more reliable team to solve your problem by putting forth an authentic direction.

    DSB Construction’s coverage is widen all over the UK to get it easy for our customers to avail all our services on time. We provide our services till day to night, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


    Feel free to get a quick response by our representatives for any query or you are also welcomed to visit us personally.